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Spoke at the University of Ottawa twice


October, 2016. 

Re: Denise Mountenay-Recommendation

To whom it may concern: 

I would like to express my esteem and admiration for Denise Mountenay, President and Founder of Canada Silent No More. I had invited her to speak to medical students at the University of Ottawa on the the topic of abortion and post abortion healing. Her presentation was articulate, thoughtful, and deeply moving. Many medical students were touched by her personal story, and reconsidered their position on the abortion issue. 

I am privileged to know Denise, and am confident that her tireless work of advocacy for women and the pre-born has saved countless lives, and continues to do so today. 

I give her my unreserved and wholehearted recommendation to anyone interested in learning more about this sensitive, yet vital issue. 


David D’Souza ARCT B.ArtsSc.(Hons) MD CCFP DTM&H

Chronic Pain and Palliative Care

Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 

Toronto, Ontario


Pro-Life Group President


April 22/19

Lewis and Jane Elzinga

54329 Range Road 151

Yellowhead County, Alberta

Canada T7E 3W6


To Whom This May Concern,

Denise Mountenay is a real person who faced incredible adversity already early in her life, but, with the help and grace of God was able to overcome and help others with her story. Poignant and touching, her powerful and deeply personal story inspires each one of us to care and to reach out to scarred and hurting women; to stand up for them, and the tiny lives that may never know a breath. 

She is a powerful pro-life speaker who courageously stands up for life in a culture that doesn't want to know the truth. She represents many traumatized women who need a voice in a world that doesn't seem to care. Her story needs to be told, and touches each one of us in a way that we can identify with and empathize with. None of us is innocent; we have all contributed in a small way to the travesty of abortion by not doing all we can to wipe it out and get rid of it. May we all in some small way gather up the courage and perseverance, God helping us, that this fine woman exemplifies to speak up and stand up for life and love as it was intended to be!

Thank you, Denise and God bless you for all that you have done and continue to do.

Reference from The President of The Justice Foundation-USA



The Justice Foundation

Advancing Life, Liberty, and Justice

January 14, 2019

RE: Letter of Reference for Denise Mountenay


I have known Denise Mountenay for approximately thirteen years. She is an incredible, internationally recognized expert on the issue of damage to women's health caused by abortion, as well as other issues. Her personal testimony, her courage, her clarity of thought, have made her an outstanding speaker at numerous women's events.

Her character and integrity are of the highest quality. I would recommend her highly as a speaker at any event.

Advancing Life, Liberty and Justice in Him,

Allan E. Parker


Talk at the Catholic Women's League Convention for Regina



May 6, 2019


I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Denise Mountenay, Together for Life Ministries, as she was a keynote speaker at the Regina Diocesan Catholic Women`s League annual convention on May 6, 2019.

As president of Regina Diocesan Catholic Women`s League, it was my responsibility to book speakers at our annual convention in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. I saw Denise at the National CWL Convention in Winnipeg last August, and purchased her latest book, The Bride, the Serpent, and the Seed. I was very impressed with her story as were some of my colleagues from the Regina diocesan CWL.

Denise gave an excellent presentation at our convention this year. Her own story about abortion is compelling. She gave us much more than that by showing the trailer for HUSHwhich documents the breast cancer link to abortion, the link of abortion to pre-mature births in subsequent pregnancies, and the link to depression and mental health disorders that can last long after the abortion. She told us about her work internationally bringing this message to the UN and the many conferences that she attends where she gives witness to the Gospel of Life.

About 150 people attended this session of our convention and when Denise finished speaking she was given a standing ovation and the sung CWL blessing. There were many good comments about her presentation.

Denise is an articulate speaker with a very important message for Catholic women, men, children and families. I enthusiastically endorse her message. 

Marilyn Schuck

Regina Diocesan President

Anglican Priest



April 24, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Denise Mountenay, author and pro-life leader, since 1999 A.D. I met her at a Pro-life Conference in Edmonton, where she was among the distinguished speakers, and bravely told of how she had been raped, as a young teenager. Then she shared about her experience of being pregnant and 16, and the pressure to have an abortion. This proved to be a painful, humiliating, regrettable experience which led her into drugs and an immoral, degrading lifestyle. 

Finally, like the prodigal son she came home to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Gradually her life was completely changed and she sought with all her heart and strength to fight against the tragedy of abortion in order to save the lives of the most innocent and helpless of all people...the unborn...those in their mothers' wombs. It was once considered as the safest place on Earth; but now has become the most dangerous place for a baby to be.

Denise not only wants to save the lives of the unborn children, but also to spare the lives of their mothers from the pain, the many physical complications which often follows, including breast and cervical cancers! Furthermore she was the first to create and register an organization called, "Canada Silent No More" which ministers to post abortive women and encourages them to share their stories publicly.

With all this in mind Denise wrote her first book "Forgiven of Murder."An excellent book which I commend to her. Now with years of research, public speaking around the world, including talks to medical students, Denise has written her second book, which I also highly recommend to you. Denise is an honest, bold, compassionate Christian woman who is a great leader in seeking protection for the unborn and their mothers'. I commend her to you, trusting you will come to admire her and support her as I do,


                              The Rev. Canon Ivor Ottrey.

Pro-Life Leader & Nun


Feb. 14, 2017

To Whom It May Concern.

If I had to ask a woman to talk about the experience of having an abortion, or not having one, I would gladly ask Mrs. Denise Mountenay.

I’ve known Mrs. Mountenay for over nine years and her enthusiasm and her conviction about life issues is so engaging that, after listening to her knowledgeable speeches, we feel more equipped and motivated to be a voice for the voiceless.

Denise was a guest speaker at our first Alberta March for Life in front of the Legislature in Edmonton in 2008.  We found her to be professional and engaging the audience and therefore, asked her to be our M.C. for the Alberta March for the next seven (7) years. Her involvement was always respectful, encouraging, passionate and compassionate.  She is a person whom we can count and rely on, when she takes an engagement. 

Her sound judgment and her profound understanding of life issues make her a joyful and educational team member at all times. I encourage anyone who needs a good speaker to teach youth and young adults the realities of life, and life issues to contact Denise Mountenay.

Moreover, she’s a strong Christian, an international speaker, and the author of two wonderful books: “Forgiven” and the latest: “The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed” which answers many of the questions girls, and young adults are searching for today.


Sister Elisabeth Coloumbe

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Email: youvillemarguerite@shaw.ca

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Speaking to Christians


March 9, 2016

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Regarding Denise Mountenay:

I had the privilege of meeting Denise sometime in late 2015, as she approached me about sharing her story with the young people of our church. As I listened to God's grace in her life, I realized that this story needed to be told, not only among our young people, but also to our entire church family.

In January of 2016, I invited Denise to be our Sanctity of life speaker in all three of our worship services. Her presentation was compelling as she talked about a topic that most people are silent and indifferent to; the issue of the unborn child who is unable to speak on their own behalf and therefore are destroyed. As Denise herself shares her story, she has had three abortions and eventually experienced God's saving grace and forgiveness. Since then Denise has explored the huge ramifications that abortion has had, not only on the unborn, but also on the health of women; spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Denise is an excellent communicator and she shares with wisdom, grace, tact and without condemnation. Her presentation in our church was positively received and many men and women responded to God's invitation regarding forgiveness and healing.

I would certainly recommend Denise as a speaker on this vital topic that is being dismissed as a society. I realized that 18% of all abortions are committed by evangelicals, and many of them are either ill informed or live in silent shame.

I certainly share Denise's concern to make this message of God's grace known to our generation who are suffering in a culture espousing death. I believe that God has raised her up to challenge our generation with the compelling facts of what abortion is really all about.

If you have any concerns or questions I would be happy to answer them.

In Christ Service,

Dr. Paul Vallee

Sr. Pastor


TELEPHONE: (403) 347-7311 FAX: (403) 347-4959 EMAIL: INFO@LIVINGSTONES.AB.CAscribe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Speaking to Students


  February 8, 2017

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Denise Mountenay. 

Denise and I met in January of this year. I had learnt about Denise through an article in the Free Press. Her commitment to Pro Life and giving comfort and alternatives to women is so encouraging and commendable. 

I had Denise come out to speak to the Youth Gathering, grade 7,8,9, at our four-parish (Villeneuve, Riviere Qui Barre, Calahoo, Mearns) youth group in late January. She kept the youth totally engaged giving her personal story as well as encouraging the kids to make good decisions in life. I know that they all walked away that day knowing that “A life is a life” Her visuals of fetuses and posters so helped to make this point. 

It was so impressive to see how Denise interacted with the youth and without a doubt got her message across. I will definitely be booking her to return and talk to our youth in the future. 

Charmaine Krywko

Youth Minister, West Sturgeon Catholic Parishes



Speaking in Churches


Sept. 19, 2016

Hi Denise

Thank you for speaking at our Church on Sept. 7, 2016. Your talk was very personal and passionate. It was a great reminder that we are to take the side of the weak and oppressed. It has re-motivated and re-invigorated us to stand up for the unborn and all who have their lives threatened.

Thanks for blessing us with your talk.

George Koopmans


Medicine Hat Christian Reformed Churchcustomers into loyal ones.

Denise's Biography



                    Denise Mountenay is a captivating KEYNOTE SPEAKER with an urgent, timely message. She is reaching out to people across Canada and around the world regarding the horrific impact of legal abortion to women, men, families and nations. 

MILLIONs of women have had an abortion over the last 40 years. Now Canada along with many other developed nations have below replacement birthrate levels

For 30 years now, Denise has been candidly sharing her Mess to a MESSAGE testimony of rape, teen pregnancy and abortion. She has spoken to audiences in Universities, High Schools, Churches, Conferences, Prisons, Radio and Television. She has been a guest on many talk shows including, ‘Insight’, The Miracle Channel, Day Star TV, The CBC-The National aired a documentary on her work and ministry. In 2012, she received The Queen's- ‘Diamond Jubilee Medal’for her work. 

She is the Founder of Canada Silent No More (CSNM) a registered non-profit society and Together for Life Ministries, offering hope and healing to people affected by abortion and pregnancy loss. 

Denise brings education as well as awareness to the forefront on this vital issue so prevalent in our generation. She teaches on fetal development, and the humanity of children in utero. Denise uses the latest published research on the damage of abortion to women including Breast Cancer, cervical damage resulting in subsequent preterm births, infertility, depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse & suicides etc. She also encourages youth and young adults to hang on to their hormones.

She is the UN-Chief Administrative Officer for Endeavour Forum Inc. an NGO. Denise has led many teams to the United Nations,hosting workshops and speaking to UN Ambassadors at the Commission on the Status of Women and CPD in New York and Geneva. Denise has given several Oral Statements to the UN Assembly, sharing her testimony on the pain of legal abortion and informing UN delegates on the scientific evidence proving it is not a “safe” surgical practice. Women in developing countries need access to safe, genuine Maternal Health Care, not abortion. 

Denise has given inspirational talks in Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Jamaica, Siberia-Russia, Africa, Netherlands, Belgium-European Union, Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain, USA, China, India, Budapest-Hungary and Australia. 

Denise is author of the National Best Seller-FORGIVEN...a true story. Her new book, The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed is now available. It is a must have for libraries, youth and young adults on the sad reality of abortion. She is featured and part of the development of an award-winning documentary called, HUSH, which exposes the Breast Cancer Link, Pre-term births and mental health issues in the aftermath of abortion. Her passionate message encourages people to ultimately bring value and honour to motherhood and all of humanity; Giving God the Glory


Together for Life Ministries


Speaker/Author/Human Life Advocate

107 Discovery Ave. Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada-T8R 1N1

Whats App/Cell: 780.267.5714 

EMAIL: dmountenay@msn.com  References on request www.togetherforlife.net 

Going Inside the UN Headquarters


God has opened doors for Denise Mountenay to go into the United Nations Headquarters in New York for about 16 years now, during the Commission on the Commission on the Status of Women and to the Commission on the Population and Development meetings.  She has been organizing and hosting Side Events doing presentations on the damage of legal abortion to women's mental and reproductive health, along with teaching in the humanity of children before birth, and who have a RIGHT TO LIVE as a Human Right.

Denise is the Chief Administrative Officer for an NGO out of Australia called Endeavour Forum Inc. and is in Consultative Status with ECOSOC.

Denise has also brought teams into the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland meeting with UN Ambassadors and Delegates bring insight and education on the breast cancer risk, preterm birth links and mental health problems for women in the aftermath of legal abortion.

Your prayers and support are appreciated as she does not get a paid salary or wage for all of her work and relies totally on donations.  You can HELP SEND her into the UN for such a time as this by going to the donate button.

or to www.togetherforlife.net 

International Speaker


Denise has been sharing her MESS to a MESSAGE on Radio, Television and around the world.